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When you’re dealing with a chronic medical condition that causes you pain or disability and interferes with the quality of your life, you may have considered using medical marijuana. Maybe you’ve hesitated because you weren’t sure whether or not you meet the qualifications for a medical marijuana card. However, you should be aware that there’s often a big difference in quality between regulated medical marijuana and marijuana that you buy from unregulated sources. Besides, it’s simple to see if you qualify for using this type of treatment for your chronic medical condition. All you need is an evaluation from a Colorado medical marijuana doctor, and you can find one today.

Compassionate Marijuana Treatment

The modern healthcare system isn’t always too friendly toward those who must deal with a chronic illness or condition on a daily basis. Doctors sometimes misunderstand patients, may underestimate the amount of pain they are in, or may even accuse them of being “drug-seeking.” When healthcare professionals are unable to prescribe a treatment for a condition that works quickly and effectively, they become frustrated themselves and may be less effective at communicating with the patient.

That’s why seeking the help of a compassionate marijuana doctor might be a better choice for you. Research has shown that medical marijuana is helpful in easing the symptoms of many chronic and degenerative conditions, and may even be helpful in improving some of them. Getting an evaluation by a marijuana doctor is simple and painless, and when you do, you may be able to get some answers and new solutions to your chronic medical issues.

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If you’re dealing with a chronic medical condition and are considering using medical marijuana, call the Red Card District to get evaluated by a Colorado medical marijuana doctor. At Red Card District, you’ll find licensed professional physicians who can evaluate you and get you started in treatment. We see patients both as walk-ins and by appointment, but if you plan to visit us as a walk-in, please call first to find out about the wait and who is available. Give us a call at 720-249-8985 or visit us online at and learn more about how you can be evaluated for a marijuana card today.