Do You Need a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’re suffering from a chronic medical condition that causes you pain and/or loss of function and you’ve tried mainstream treatments that have not been helpful, you may want to consider using medical marijuana as a form of therapy to help improve your condition. Many studies have been done by respectable research institutions to discover what benefits medical marijuana truly has to offer, and there are quite a few. Medical marijuana helps reduce the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis, lowers the ocular pressure in glaucoma, and can soothe tremors for those with MS or Parkinson’s disease. If you’re thinking about medical marijuana as a form of therapy, it’s time to learn about how to get a medical marijuana card.

Actions Needed to Get a Red Card

If you want to get a medical marijuana card, or “Red Card,” as it’s sometimes called, there are a number of things you need to prepare. First of all, you’ll need a social security number or Colorado state ID. When you visit a clinic for evaluation by a doctor, you’ll also need to be ready to pay for the visit either in cash or money order.

If you have medical records from another doctor, bringing these along will also help the clinic doctor to complete your evaluation. If you’re able to, you can save time by going on the Internet and registering to fill out the application online. This will enable you to get your card within one to three business days. You’ll be glad you chose to use medical marijuana rather than some other unregulated product, because it’s of better quality and is also cheaper to purchase than marijuana on the street.

Call the Red Card District to Start the Process For Getting Your Card

If you’re thinking about using medical marijuana, call the Red Card District to start the process for getting your red card. At Red Card District, you can get certifications and red card renewals done by licensed physicians who understand the process well. We see patients both as walk-ins and by appointment, but if you plan to visit us as a walk-in, please call first to make sure the doctor is available. Give us a call at 720-249-8985 or visit us online at and learn more about how medical marijuana may help you.